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Architectural Films


The use of architectural film has become more prevalent over the last few years as there has been a shift in attitude toward using sustainable solutions and methods within the construction sector. Wrapping doors or case goods instead of ripping out and sending to landfill is a powerful statement for any stakeholders within a refurbishment scheme.

Architectural finishes are highly engineered, durable films, designed to look and feel like real-life materials. The films are often applied with heat, by skilled installers, to provide a realistic hardwearing finish. This allows you to create bespoke designs using less expensive materials, by wrapping them to look like authentic marble, wood or concrete.

With hundreds of patterns in stock, the possibilities really are unlimited, making in-vogue design more than achievable with architectural finishes. Mimicking the aesthetics of natural materials, architectural films offer unrivalled choice of on-trend patterns and an alternative method to upcycle existing substrates in an affordable, high-quality finish.
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