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MODULATE Modular Solutions

Printed fabric socks cover tubular aluminium frames with magnets to join them together


Based on a simple magnetic principle, the different Modulate frames combine to create the perfect configuration for every venue: retail outlets, trade shows, shell schemes, exhibition venues, shopping centre, or in office environments as simple partitioning for meeting areas.

  • Eleven different 30mm diameter bungeed and numbered tubular aluminium frames that join instantly and can be positioned 360° to each other using internal magnets
  • No tools required
  • Double-sided tension fabric graphic with zip system
  • Padded carry bags with dedicated pockets for feet and fabric graphic.
  • Accepts Formulate Universal Accessories; iPad holder (silver/black/ white), literature holders (DL/A5/A4), shelving (circular/triangular/square in black/silver/white/beech.)

Innovative structures

Each Modulate structure is made from aluminium tubes with a diameter of 30 mm, which makes them both light and durable.
This new family of products is set apart from other existing solutions by a range of unique features, including the MagLink system and the Twist & Lock foot system.

Need a change?

With powerful 360° magnets, the MagLink system makes it easy to assemble Modulate frames without the hassle of traditional clips add in or the need for Allen keys. These patent pending magnetic connectors and the 40cm extension, allow you to vary the height of the structures, making Modulate a very versatile and reconfigurable solution.

Save time!

Each element of the Modulate range is designed to make your life easier: sections with colour co-ordinated numbering system, bungee poles and easy-to-install feet. No tools required! Assembling Modulate is child's play, allowing you to change your configuration in seconds.