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T3 Shell Scheme Kits

T3 Shell Kits fix to the shell walls giving seamless graphics and maximizing your floorspace


    T3 Shell-Kit modular display system uses our specially designed clamp, to fit the frame to shell scheme stands. The T3 clamp comes with three fixings to give it maximum flexibility between the various aluminium shell scheme systems that are in use throughout the world without the need for tools.

    Incredibly compact, the T3 Shell-Kit sits just 60mm away from the shell scheme wall, maximising your valuable floor space, allowing you, more space to create an inviting exhibition stand to really showcase your products.
    T3 Shell-Kit has been designed with budget in mind. By using a specially designed T3 clamp, shell scheme spaces can be converted and clad to create seamless, yet professional, display environments. T3 Shell-Kit framework can be used with rollable, rigid or fabric graphics.
    • Uniquely designed, T3 Shell-Kit can be broken down into manageable lengths for ease of transport. This means the average 3m x 3m shell scheme display can fit into a bag over your shoulder.
    • Benefits: maximization of floor space, ease of transport, speed of build and lightweight.
    • Create: stunning exhibition stands and media/interview backdrops.
    • Why use a Pop Up when you can save money and floor space by using T3 Shell-Kit?
    • All these kit options come with graphics, fabric transport bags and if using rollable graphics wheeled graphics case/s.
    • Lights are not included in package price, please call to discuss.